Child Behavior Modification

often comes as a surprise to people that children handle hypnosis better than many adults. The cynical among us will say it’s because children are in an altered state of consciousness most of the time anyway! Actually, it’s because children often have less hang-ups, a better imagination and a willingness to use it.

Let’s face it, growing up today comes with lots of problems. Many are the same as adults:

  • weight management
  • stress
  • confidence
  • mood swings
  • dealing with authorities
  • etc.

But children have their own set of problems:

  • fitting in
  • bed wetting
  • test anxiety
  • cheating
  • lying
  • disobeying / bad conduct
  • homework / studying
  • self-esteem
  • and so on.
Most kids don’t want to be bad; don’t want to feel bad. They just want to be “normal”, be part of the crowd, to have fun and fit in. They just have trouble accomplishing that sometimes. You can wait for them to grow out of it and hopefully become normal, social adults or you can give them some help now and alleviate the pain and embarrassment that may come with some behaviors and last a lifetime.

Some behaviors are able to be modified in just a single session but others might take multiple sessions. Hypnosis won’t make your son the “big man on campus” or your daughter the most popular girl inschool but if they have a problem they’re dealing with that is affecting their wellbeing, let’s talk. Consultations are always free and welcomed.