Confidence Building

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know…. Just about every Olympic athletes use hypnosis. Why? They know what to do. They’ve been training their bodies for hours on end just about every day for months, if not years, but they also need to train their minds. They need to instill that sense of confidence, to realize that they are the best; they will do their best and when the time comes to compete, will be focused, cool, calm and collected. They can mentally see themselves in action, completing the routine perfectly or in a time that exceeds their personal best. There they are…on the awards stand, holding the gold-metal and receiving the accolades of an appreciative audience and admiration of their fellow competitors. They see it and believe it. Now it’s just a matter of execution and making it real.

So you’re not an Olympian? Maybe you’re a student about to take a board certification exam or a senior about to take the SAT/ACT. Maybe you’re a professional taking a qualification test for a promotion or certification or need to speak before a review board. You’ve done your part. You’ve studied and are well prepared for the big event. Are you confident you’re going to pass? Are you cool, calm and collected? Are you focused with your mind at ease such that you can remember all the material you studied? Hypnosis can help.

How many times have you looked at a question, drew a total blank for the answer only to have it pop into your mind as soon as you left the testing room? Why? Because you weren’t stressed out after the test as you were during it. What if you could take that high level of confidence and preparation into the test? Your mind will be more relaxed and able to readily recall the subject materials. You’ll be at your best and will do your best.

Are you ready for your big event? Are you certain? If not, give me a call and we’ll make sure.

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