Pain Management / Control

Pain is both good and bad. Pain alerts you that something is wrong and needs fixing. It allows physicians to know where to look for a probable cause. Without that warning signal, we could do serious damage to our bodies by not knowing there’s an issue.
On the other hand…pain is a pain. Nobody likes pain and we’d just as soon do without it. Sometimes, with age or an injury, we develop pains that are not debilitating but a “pain” all the same; they can’t be fixed and won’t go away. So do we just live with it? Suffer in silence? Lower our quality of life because we can’t do the things we use to do? You don’t have to.

How big of a problem is chronic pain? How about some statistics. 18% of women who have Cesarean deliveries and 10% who had vaginal deliveries report still being in pain a full year later. 10% - 50% of surgical patients who have pain after surgery go on to develop chronic pain, depending on the procedure, and for as many as 10% of those patients, chronic postoperative pain is severe. About 1 in 4 Americans suffer from frequent lower back pain. The number of people with chronic pain is more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Yes, Houston, we have a problem.

Think about what happens with anesthesia. A chemical is inserted into the body that blocks the signal for pain to the brain. Without that signal, as far as the brain is concerned, there is no pain. The surgeon is free to perform the procedure with no discomfort to you. But does it have to be a chemical? Do you need to be “knocked out”? What if your brain were told there is no pain and any such signal from your body wasn’t received or acted upon? You would be pain free. This is the way hypnosis works and it is effective as an anesthesia.

But you can see where there might be a problem. You don’t want that signal blocked if it’s warning of a problem that needs attention. Because of this, Anew Hypnotherapy will do no pain control or modification
without the consent of a physician. This is a hard and fast rule with no exceptions but it’s also not such a burden. Doctors will do their best to fix the problem and alleviate the underlying pain but sometimes, they can’t eliminate it entirely. At that point, the more open minded physicians are happy to give their consent for hypnosis to finish the job. In fact, a recent survey showed that two-thirds of physicians in the AMA are comfortable in referring their patients to a hypnotist.

But before you simply fill yet another prescription for pain medication, you might ask your doctor about this alternative. Did you know that we in the United States consume 80% of the world’s pain medications? 80%. In fact, drug overdose from pain medication accounts for more deaths than automobile accidents in 17 states and the District of Columbia. It accounts for more deaths than crack cocaine did back in the 80’s and black tar heroin in the 70’s. The number one prescription medication prescribed? Vicodin – and it’s being used for routine ailments instead of life threatening conditions. 99% of all Vicodin used is in the United States.

Is there a better alternative? One that’s not as addictive as a regulated narcotic? Ask your doctor. So…Want to eliminate that nagging, aching pain and do so without a prescription drug in a safe, natural manner? Want to improve your quality of life? Talk to your doctor and then set up an appointment. We’ll have you free of pain usually in one or two session. Give me a call.