Program Costs

Since there are a number of people who will be experiencing hypnosis for the first time, the initial session always includes a “pre-talk” that will explain what's  involved, what to expect and answer any and all questions you may have. No induction will be done before you are perfectly comfortable and ready to be successful. This is the time when the hypnotists needs to learn why you are requesting a hypnotic session, what behavior you would like modified, what your goals and objectives are and lay out the plan on how that can be accomplished.

The first session usually takes most of an hour.  Follow-on sessions - if needed or desired - can be accompliched in a shorter amount of time.  The fee for all sessions is $100. Anew Hypnotherapy can accept cash or check at this time -  No debit or credit cards can be accepted.

The first question often asked is how many sessions will I need? There are a number of behaviors that can be modified successfully in one session. Smoking cessation, fears, confidence building, sales motivation, sports enhancement and stress relief are among those that can be done in one session. On occasion, a second reinforcement session is required or suggested.

Sessions for weight modification require multiple sessions since it’s more of an effort to modify a behavior than stopping one. The more successful plan typically runs three or more sessions over a couple month time frame. Child behavior modifications usually runs from one to three sessions depending on the task being accomplished and the subject. More or fewer sessions are up to the client and Anew Hypnotherapy is happy to accommodate your requests. As always, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss your options.

Anew Hypnotherapy’s ultimate goal is your success. Our success depends on your complete satisfaction and your telling others about your success and experience. We appreciate your referrals and promise the same dedication to your family members and/or friends as you received.  Ready to get started? I'm a phone call away.