Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be hypnotized?

People often think that they can't be hypnotized.  "Maybe that "stuff" works on other people but not me."  Truth be told, most everyone has the ability to be hypnotized - certainly some better than others but everyone can enter into an hypnotic state.  It use to be thought that people with weak minds or will were the best subjects and that's probably the opposite of reality.  Anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized. Bottom line... Who can be hypnotized ??  You !!

Does the hypnotist have any special powers?  

Nope.  We can't stop bullets or fly faster than a speeding train either.  An interesting title used in some parts of the country is "Hypnotic Counselor" and that might be a better description of a hypnotist than most.  You have the real power. You are the one who hypnotizes yourself.  The hypnotist just walks you through the process, makes some useful suggestions to the subconscious and walks you back out.  While the process seems "magical" or "mysterious", there's nothing unnatural or special taking place.  Hypnosis is safe, natural and virtually everyone finds it to be a pleasant experience.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Well why don't you find out!  Some of you may be disappointed you will not fly around the room, will not be made to quack like a duck and will not see Elvis.  While the experience is always pleasant, many people are surprised by its simplicity.  You are not in a trance, you hear everything being said, never lose control, won't divulge any deep dark secrets and can't get "stuck" in a hypnotic state.  And most importantly.... You can NEVER be made to do anything you don't want to do.  Most people leave feeling quite relaxed and usually have one of the best night's sleep they've had in a long time.

How does hypnosis work.  Why does it work?

Think of your mind as two of you.  One is the conscious mind that is very logical, very analytical and wants to think everything through.  It controls a very small percentage of body functions and doesn't do a particularly good job of remembering things.  The subconscious mind is the exact opposite.  It controls most all body functions, remembers everything and does whatever feels good without any thought or analytics.  

Your conscious mind would say...So let me get this straight....You want me to set fire to some chopped up tobacco that has a large quantity of unknown, dangerous substances and inhale the smoke deep into my lungs?  I don't think so."  But your subconscious mind would say "Yeah!  And how 'bout we have a couple brewskies along with that smoke?"  You would want to party with your subconscious mind and unfortunately, some of us do that all to often!

So why does hypnosis work?  It moves aside the controlling conscious mind so we can address the subconscious mind directly.  Remember, it wants what feels good.  But what if that subconscious mind were led to believe you didn't really want or liked cigarettes?  What if it decided it didn't really want sweets or snacks?  What if it were convinced it didn't really want to be a bad child who didn't study or do their homework?  What if it decided to keep your head down and not look up in the middle of a golf swing?  What if it decided it actually enjoyed eating healthy and getting some exercise?  You's all just a matter of changing your mind.  The hypnotist simply leads you into a state of hyper suggestibility, makes those recommendations to the subconscious and "changes your mind".  The effect is immediate so you will walk out of your session with the behavior already modified.

How long does this modified behavior last?

That depends.  Madison Avenue doesn't make the big bucks because their advertising doesn't work.  It does.  If you watch enough television or look at enough billboards, the suggestion could begin to wear.  This all varies by individual so your experience might be different.  If you find the outside negative suggestions are gaining a foothold, come back for another hypnosis session and get your mind back under control.

I don't really want to change behavior. Will hypnosis work for me?

There are good meaning family members who offer to pay for a smoking cessation session for a loved one.  When they come in for their session, they freely admit they don't really want to quit smoking or stop some other behavior.  If that's the case, no, hypnosis will not work.  It can't make you do anything you don't want to do.  On the other hand, when asked further, they might really want to quit smoking but don't know if they will be successful. That's different.  Ask yourself, if you could push a magic button and you would become a non-smoker, would you push that button?  If yes, then hypnosis will work for you.

What’s my doctor going to think about hypnosis?

It's never a bad thing to let your physician know you are seeking complimentary treatment.  In fact, it's an absolute requirement if you are seeking pain management or modification.  Hypnosis has been around for many decades, with such a successful track record, the vast majority of doctors are happy to have their patients work with a hypnotist.  In fact, many of the referrals come from doctors who don't always have the time or training to accomplish the tasks a hypnotist does.  This is why it's often referred to as "Complimentary or Alternative Medicine" (CAM).  It compliments the treatment you are receiving from a medical doctor.

I’ve seen shows where the hypnotist makes people do all sorts of strange behavior. I thought hypnosis can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do?  What’s up with that?

Stage shows are just a ton of fun.  You will likely do some serious laughing at such events.  People go there with the intension of having fun so you're in that frame of mind.  While you might not normally get up in front of a bunch of people and start singing and dancing, it's not objectionable either. It's not something you would never do under any circumstances.  But with the right frame of mind, you would.  Remember that party animal...the subconscious mind?  It's always looking for a fun time and is totally different from that stogie, stuffy conscious mind.  So while I can't make you go out, rob a bank and bring all the money back to me, I can make you do a pretty good impression of Elvis, swiveling hips and all,  Now that would be funny!

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