Sports Enhancement

You’ve heard it before…Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical. And not just golf -  name your sport. Just about every game is played between the ears. What if you could make that mental adjustment? Think you could knock a couple strokes off your game?  Maybe achieve a personal best?  Finish that 5K run?  Pick that spare?  Kick the ball on frame?  Move yourself up in the rankings?

The odds are you know what to do. You’ve swung that golf club umpteen-hundred times but maybe you keep looking up. Maybe you are trying to knock the cover off the ball. Maybe you spend what seems like minutes addressing the ball on the tee with a couple hundred thoughts flying through your mind about what you need to do. Does that always work?  I’m thinking  probably not.  The hypnotist isn’t going to teach you how to play any given sport but if you can identify problem areas that need fixing, then hypnosis can be the solution. That solution might be to relax, think positive, mentally see yourself executing the skill successfully, walk up and hit the ball.  It might be to pause for a fraction of a second and think before you kick the soccer ball so it doesn’t go flying over the net but stays on frame. It might be to say to yourself, this is just another throw even though you have a string of five strikes behind it and the team is counting on you. Can you stay focused, concentrate, mentally see you doing it and then executing it perfectly? It’s just a matter of changing your mind.  

And you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from hypnotic sports enhancement although many professionals use hypnosis to improve their sport. Everybody enjoys doing their best and playing a good game. Why be frustrated by making the same mental mistake over and over. One session often corrects the mistakes but Anew Hypnotherapy is ready and available any time you are.