is safe, effective and has been successfully helping
 people for many decades.  Recognized as a viable category for 
CAM, Complimentary and Alternative Medicines (http://nccam.nih.gov/), hypnosis has proven to be highly successful in dealing with weight management, smoking cessation, stress relief, pain management (only with a medical doctor’s authorization), child behavior modification, sports enhancement, confidence building, sales motivation, fears and so many more issues.  Basically, anything where changing your mind can affect a change in desired behavior can be handled with hypnosis.  

Unfortunately, so many people are unaware of hypnosis, how it works and why it works.  In very simple terms, it’s a process where your controlling conscious mind is moved aside so a suggestion can be delivered directly to the subconscious mind.  You are always in full control, will not divulge any deep dark secrets, hear everything that is said and can never be made to do anything you don't want to do. You are not asleep, not in a “trance” but simply in a state of hyper suggestibility or an altered state of awareness.

All sessions at Anew Hypnotherapy begin with a preliminary discussion about hypnosis, what to expect and how it will work.  All your questions will be answered before any induction takes place insuring you are perfectly comfortable in your expectations and ready for success.  There are actually five distinct levels of hypnotic induction and while any level will work, I strive for a deeper level for the highest enjoyment by the client.  You will exit the induction fully alert and in a very restful, pleasant state.  In fact, you’ll probably enjoy one of your better night’s sleep that night.

Who can be hypnotized?  In a word….YOU!  Everyone has the capability of going under hypnosis, some better than others, but anyone who can concentrate and follow simple verbal directions will be successful.  Something that many people find surprising is all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  The hypnotist doesn’t hypnotize you.  He or she simply verbalizes suggestions to move the client into a nice, calm level of relaxation where the sub-conscious mind can be readily addressed with a simple induction. And often, children are easier subject than adults. They don’t have the unfounded concerns an adult may harbor.  Another surprise for many people is we’ve all been hypnotized at one time or another.  Have you ever day dreamed?  Ever driven down the highway and suddenly realized you passed a number of exits and weren’t even aware of having done so?  You were in a very light level of hypnotic induction and did so all by yourself – self-hypnosis!

So…what can Anew Hypnotherapy do for you?  Click on any of the topics on the menu and learn more about a specific therapy and how hypnosis can work for you.  Ready to get started?  Me too.  Give me a call and schedule an appointment.