Weight Management

Hypnosis has proved to be highly successful in controlling weight. Most weight loss clients can easily identify two or three things that if they could control or modify those items, they’d be 80% - 90% towards solving their problem. I work with each individual client to identify what the issues are, what they’re tried before, understand why past efforts were not successful, what the goal is, the time frame and lay out a realistic plan to reach that goal.

Each individual will have different problem areas that need to be addressed. Many people find themselves eating even though they’re not actually hungry. It’s Noon so I need to eat. I’m going to be hungry later so I need to eat now to avoid being hungry later. I’m under a lot of stress and eating “comfort food” relaxes me. My favorite program is on TV so I’m going to grab a big bowl of ice cream and enjoy the episode. I like to have a mid-meal snack to tide me over. It’s easier to zap some high-caloric, high salt, processed meal in the microwave than fix something myself. I don’t want leftovers so I’m going to finish the serving. Any of this sound familiar? They’re all solvable with hypnosis.

Even when we eat “right”, there may be some problem areas. Do you grab that salt shaker even before you taste the food? Where do you usually eat? At the dinner table or in front of the TV? Do you gulp down your food in a hurry? Top off meals with a big dessert? Eat late at night? Eat fast foods? Again, all problems that can be addressed with hypnosis.

While you may have multiple of these problems, you will be directed to modify a behavior on just a couple of them in priority order initially. This way, your behavior can be successfully firmed into a habit before moving to others on the list. Anew Hypnotherapy uses a computer based program that identifies your personality type and the problem areas that are causing you the most problems.  This allows us to custom tailor your behavior changes so they will be more readily accepted by you. I will also include suggestions to increase your water consumption to aid in digestion and be given motivation to increase your exercise level commensurate with your prior behavior.

Unlike many other hypnosis treatments, weight modification needs to be done over several sessions. It’s more difficult to modify a behavior than stop one and you certainly don’t want to stop eating! The more successful method is to do two to three hypnosis sessions over a month and follow-on sessions as needed about a month apart. More or less sessions are entirely up to you.

The word most clients use with hypnosis for weight management is "painless". You don't want or miss what you didn't want to begin with.  You're behavior change seems perfectly natural and normal - like it's always been this way.  Will power often fails and "diet" is a four letter word.  You can do better.  Ready to lose some weight in a natural, sensible manner?  Let's get started.

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