Sales Motivation

Selling is a tough business.  An expression I always liked is "Sales begins when the customer says "no".  Until then, all you've been doing is talking. Trying to convince someone that you have the better product, solution, or service is hard to do, particularly when there are a half dozen other salesmen trying to do the same thing to that same customer.  It's hard to find the motivation to charge up that hill, day after day, year after year and fight your way to the top.  Even the best salesmen can get discouraged and disheartened.  But you have to continue to make sales calls, continue to be successful and put bread on the table for you and your family. What to do?  How about some hypnosis?

Do you think your customer can see your defeated or discouraged posture and expressions?  You can have the best offering but if it's not presented in the best possible light with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, do you think you'll get the order?  Some people find it hard to ask for the order.  They don't want to appear pushy.  But if you don't ask - you won't get it!

You are doing your customer a valuable service.  You are providing them with products, services or information that will help them be successful in their business.  They need you, just as you need them.  Hypnosis can re-energize you, get you as excited as when you first hit the streets, motivate you to knock on more doors, make more phone calls and be your best during a customer call or presentation.  It's a simple matter of adjusting your mental attitude and performing at your very best.  You are the best!  Do you know why?  Because you think so. Give me a call and let's stoke that fire.