Stress Relief

While so many people are in a stressful position with work or a relationship, they figure the best way to cope is to just toughen up and plow their way through it. What people need to know is stress can kill. It has many more negative effects on the body than people realize. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, weight gain, sleeplessness and so many more are directly tied to high stress. And while hypnosis can’t eliminate the source of your stress, it can help you deal with it successfully.

Why is stress so damaging to the body? Stress triggers the “fight or flight” response in your brain which releases adrenaline. This thickens the blood, causes the heart to beat faster and puts more pressure on your veins. The consequence is heart attacks and stroke and 1 in 3 adults suffer from the effects of stress. The result – other than the obvious – is $76 billion in health care costs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Your hypnosis session will immediately take you to a nice, calm, relaxed level. It will lower your heart rate which slows your blood flow and resulting pressure on the veins. All the stress and pressures of the world will be put into proper perspective and not cause such a devastating physical and mental toll on your mind and body. The key factor will be your new ability to regain this level of relaxation and lowered stress at your direction. I will instruct you on the steps for self-hypnosis so you can jump to this relaxing, calm place in your life whenever you want or need to.

Why suffer needlessly? Who wants to be constantly on edge? Why suffer the devastating negative effects stress is causing to your body? While only your doctor can make decisions on medication, it’s entirely possible you may be able to eliminate or reduce your current prescriptions. Why dose yourself with chemicals when there is a natural way to accomplish the same thing? Ready for a healthier you?  Give me a call.