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Many people are surprised at all the applications for which hypnotism is a valid and successful solution. What's fair game? I tell people anything where changing your mind will effect the desired behavior is a valid topic.

An area that is seeing more and more use is pre- and post-operative hypnosis. Your body takes it's cues from your mind. If your mind says I want you to feel confident in the success of this operation; I want you to respond well to the medications and/or therapy; that's exactly what it does. There are now numerous scientific studies that show hospital stays can be shortened and recovery accomplished faster with the use of hypnotic suggestions. Do an Internet search on Pre- or Post Operations and Hypnosis and you'll be amazed at all the successful studies.

How about getting a better night's sleep. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Hypnosis can help.  Having problems with a relationship?  Have some bad memories you're like to get rid of?

How about doing self hypnosis? I can teach you how and you can help yourself with your own behavior modifications any time you wish. After all...practice makes perfect.

There are so many different problems where hypnosis can help, I can't possibly list them all. At that point, it's up to you to give me a call and lets talk about what you have in mind. I'll give you the straight answer. If I can't help you, I'll tell you so. And if I can, I'll tell you that as well.