Smoking Cessation

How would you like a nice baloney sandwich with mustard on it? Mmmm. No? Not interested? It’s easy to turn down something you don’t want. If you ask me if I’d like a cigarette, I’d say “No thanks, not interested” because I’m a non-smoker. It’s easy for me to turn down something I don’t really want. As such, being around smokers doesn't give me an urge to smoke. What if you were convinced you were a non-smoker? You could do the same thing.

This is the way hypnosis works for smoking cessation. You are a non-smoker so why in the world would you be interested in a cigarette? You know this in your mind, even if your body thinks otherwise. When people go under anesthesia, there is no pain because the path to the brain is temporarily blocked and if the mind doesn’t recognize pain, there is no pain. If your body says “I want a nicotine fix. Give me a cigarette.” your mind ignores the request and the message is never received. Eventually, your body rids itself of nicotine and doesn’t even bother sending the request. Just as well because your mind has been ignoring the requests all along.

The more cynical will say it's easy to stop smoking. They've done it a dozen times!! But to stop smoking is exceptionally hard. The experts are now saying getting off cigarettes and nicotine is harder than heroine. There is a prescription drugs on the market that was originally approved for depression and now comes with a warning of increased tendency towards suicide. It is very expensive and has a number of severe side effects that require the user to withdraw from it as soon as possible. And some people think they can accomplish the task with nicotine patches, gum or electronic cigarettes. They’re nothing more than a nicotine delivery system. And while they give you the shot of nicotine your body is asking for without a host of dangerous chemicals you get from smoking a cigarette, you are still combating the habit and addiction of nicotine. There are some people who actually need help getting off the nicotine patches and gum! And some of you may have seen the recent study reported by the New York Times that found patches and gum are not very effective and may even have a negative result. And did you know that quitting “cold turkey” has a less than 6% success rate?

How bad of a problem is this? Did you know that 443,000 people die every year directly as a result of cigarette smoking? Multiplty that number by a couple times and you'll include people who die from having been around cigarette smokers. According to the CDC, this single habit is costing us all $100 billion every year in increased medical expenses, lost productivity, higher insurance, etc. While the percent is trending down, there are still 21% of our population who are smokers. Even with increasing bans on where one can smoke that extends to public out door locations, the wide spread knowledge of the dangers of smoking and the fact that a carton of cigarettes is over $100 in some states, almost 4,000 teenagers pick up the habit EVERY DAY and 20% of high schoolers are regular smokers. And studies show the sooner you start, the more likely you are to continue the habit late into adulthood.  It's certainly easier to make the decision never to start than to try to stop but for many people, that water has already gone over the dam. But some good news .... it doesn't matter how long you've been smoking or how many packs you smoke a day, hypnosis can work for you.

Smoking Cessation has a high success rate under hypnosis. 80% - 90% are successful after one or occasionally two sessions. Your suggestion to stop smoking is immediate and in effect when you exit hypnosis. And a suggestion I always include is to not replace your cigarette habit with a bad eating habit. It’s entirely possible to quit smoking and not gain weight.  But here's the must want to quit. Hypnosis can't and won't make you do anything you don't want to do so if you really don't want to quit, hypnosis won't work.  So let me ask you this - if I were to present you with a magic button where if you pushed it, you'd be a non-smoker, would you push it??  If yes, you are a candidate.  Are you ready to quit?  Are you ready to take back control of your life?  Give me a call.  For most people, that will be the hardest step in the whole process.

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